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Diamond Jubilee is recognised in trees thanks to the Lions

In spite of the continuous rain and wind on the morning of March 4th, many willing volunteers turned out to transform a 1200 square metre site at the top of Park Road into a wooded meadow for residents and wildlife alike.


It came about because the International President of the Lions clubs around the world set members the challenge of planting one million trees by the end of June. Already the one and a third million members have planted nearly seven million trees, of which twenty five are now settling into our own “Jubilee Green” as it will be known and a plaque will be erected to mark the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee 2012. The site will be managed by the Town Council and the Community Orchard group


The trees were funded by Bridport Lions Club, except for the oak which was grown from an acorn by a friend of Councillor Geoffrey Ackerman who can be seen with the Lions President Don Morley, Councillors Martin and Maggie Ray, Jill Lloyd Chair of the Bridport Community Orchard Group and Andy Jeffries who is their volunteer co-ordinator and committee member. The oak is part of a national initiative to plant ‘Jubilee English Oaks’ this year and the remaining tree species were chosen for their blossom, fruit, appearance and attractiveness to wildlife.


Thanks are also due to Councillor Gill Massey, Sheila and Tricia Hawkins, Nick Gray, Louis Finnis, Paul Arthur and representatives from The Allington Hill Billies, Transition Town Bridport, Dorset Wildlife Trust and local residents, two of whom now live in London but turned up for the planting!